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Trane… The Most Trusted Name in Heating and Air Conditioning

Trane is the most requested air conditioning and heating system in Henderson and Las Vegas. It is arguably the most reliable brand on the market today. TNA is one of only a few Certified Trane Comfort Specialist dealer that offer excellent prices and unparalleled craftsmanship. Get your new HVAC system installed and receive your Complete 100% Performance Guarantee.

In 2017 We are offering the following models

Air Conditioning Condensers

  • XV20i – Variable Speed Communicating
  • XV18i – Not widely sold in NV
  • XR17 – 2 stage
  • XR16 – 1 Stage
  • XR 14 – 1 Stage

Furnace and Air Handler

  • XV 95 Variable Speed
  • XB 90 Variable Speed
  • XV 80 Variable Speed
  • XB 80
  • TEM8 Air Handler
  • TAM7 Air Handler
  • TEM4 Air Handler

Air Conditioning Package Units

  • XR14C
  • XL15C single stage variable
  • XL16C 2 stage variable
  • XR14C
  • XL15C

Special Financing on new HVAC equipment

Take advantage of huge instant rebates or low interest rate financing on new Trane equipment. You can buy a New Heating and Air Conditioning system for your home for just over $100 per month. This includes complete installation, 10/3 year warranty and performance guarantee

14 SEER replacement Trane HVAC – 200% more energy efficient

Replacing your old heating and air conditioner system with the latest 14 SEER Trane is a substantial upgrade. In all likelihood, your existing system is rated between 6 and 10 SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio). Add a few years and the SEER will keep dropping. That is why your new Trane will have nearly double the efficiency as your old system.

“The 14 SEER system can drop your energy bill by 20 to 40%.”

Why use only a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist to install your new HVAC system?

Southern Nevada has just 13 Certified Trane Comfort Specialist. These installers are the highest trained and most knowledgeable about the entire product line.  Buy with confidence from TNA Heating and Cooling, your Certified Trane Comfort Specialist.

Unfortunately, many new systems installed in in the valley are done incorrectly. We see it all the time. As a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist, we take care of problems that other installer create.

Buy with Confidence

Trane and TNA’s Best Warranty Ever, 10 year 3 year 3 year

One of the main reasons loyal customers install a Trane is the comprehensive parts warranty on new heating and air conditioning equipment. They offer a complete parts replacement for the next 10 years.

Unlike some manufactures, Trane actually honors their warranties. Trane would rather have a comfortable customer than to squabble over whether they will honor the warranty. There are a couple brands that do not play by these same rules.

While most contractors offer only a 1 year warranty, TNA offers 3 years labor. Along with the 3-year labor warranty TNA offers 3 years of service at no extra charge. This means we will tune your heating and AC twice a year for the next 3 to insure it is working at it’s absolute best.

High SEERTrane roof top Package

You don’t buy a high SEER air conditioning system for your home just to save on energy cost. You buy it for the comfort. Trane has set it’s self apart as the system that puts constant and consistent comfort right up there with efficiency.


Roof Top Package Unit Curbs for Trane

Trane Roof TopTrane roof top package unitDo you need a curb when you install a new Trane roof top package unit? This depends widely on how your existing system was installed. If your unit is more than 20 years there is a higher probability that at a minimum a duct work modification will be required. Roof top curbs provide a perfect fit and ultra tight duct connection. They improve efficiency and air flow.

There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to “Down Shot Curbs”. Curbs will cost an additional $400 to $600. They also make the unit set up higher off the roof and possibly more visible from the front of the house.  If you are not sure if a down shot curb is right for your install contact TNA Heating and Cooling today to get a free in home estimate.

Ingersoll Rand manufactures American Standard and Trane Air Conditioners at their facility in Kenny Texas.

Financial Disclosure: Payments quoted on this page are based on Wells Fargo Cooperative Trane Programs. Rates are subject to change without notice. Consumers can take advantage of the rebate or the reduced interest rate.

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