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Shopping for a New American Standard Air Conditioner?

american-standard-logoAre you shopping for a new American Standard heating and air conditioning system for your home? Fast Affordable Air can give you a professional install of premium heating and air conditioning equipment. Best of all you can have it installed tomorrow at an unbeatable price. 

Special Low Rate Financing or Additional Instant Rebates

FAA and American Standard have partnered to bring you Discounts that make buying a new heating and air conditioning system for your home very affordable. For a limited time, you can take as much as $3500 off your purchase and install of new AC and heating equipment.

In addition to American Standard’s $3k+ rebates, FAA is offering up to $600 in additional rebates or take advantage of the lowest rate financing of the year. This means your new air conditioner could cost you as little as $105 a month.

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For 2017 we are installing the following heating and cooling models.

Air Conditioning Condensers

  • Platinum 20  – Variable Speed Communicating
  • Gold 18 – Not widely sold in NV
  • Gold 17 – 2 stage
  • Silver 16 – 1 Stage
  • Silver 14 – 1 Stage

Furnace and Air Handler

  • Platinum 95 Variable Speed
  • Platinum 80 Variable Speed
  • Gold 80v Variable Speed
  • American Standard 80
  • Platinum Air Handler
  • Gold Air Handler
  • Silver Air Handler

Air Conditioning Package Units

  • Silver 14
  • Gold 15 variable speed
  • Silver 16
  • Platinum 16

Over the Phone Quote for New American Stand AC Anits

We are happy to give you a price quote over the phone for your new AC. If you know the size of your existing system and the type of system you want to replace it with, we can get you a price over the phone. After doing a few hundred installs, it is a rare occasion when we get surprised with a unique situation.  If we inspect your home and do find some type of complexity, the added cost is typically a few hundred not a few thousand. For that reason we are happy to give you a quote for a new system right over the phone.

Many of the home builders here in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegasand Henderson did a less than perfect job of balancing the air flow on their projects. In some cases there is just not enough air flow in some rooms and too much in others. That is why all ducts are temperature and pressure tested to insure proper air flow and peak performance. If a ductwork modification is need you will know right on the spot. Some doct work modification are included with the installation of your new heat and AC unit. 

American Standard model numbers that we can install for you in 2017 are as follows:


Heat Pump

  • 4A6H4024G1000A
  • 4A6H4030G1000A
  • 4A6H4036D1000A
  • 4A6H4042G1000A
  • 4A6H4048G1000A
  • 4A6H4060G1000A

16-17 SEER

  • 4A6H6024A1000A
  • 4A6H6030A1000A
  • 4A6H6036B1000A
  • 4A6H6042A1000A
  • 4A6H6048A1000A
  • 4A6H7060A1000B


  • 4A6V0024A1000B
  • 4A6V0036A1000B
  • 4A6V0048A1000B
  • 4A6V0060A1000B

Straight Cool

  • 4A7A4025L1000A
  • 4A7A4031L1000A
  • 4A7A4037L1000A
  • 4A7A4043L1000A
  • 4A7A4048L1000A
  • 4A7A4060L1000A

16-17 SEER

  • 4A7A6018B1000A
  • 4A7A6024J1000A
  • 4A7A6030J1000A
  • 4A7A6036J1000A
  • 4A7A6042J1000A
  • 4A7A6049J1000A
  • 4A7A7060J1000A


  • 4A7V0024A1000A
  • 4A7V0036B1000A
  • 4A7V0048A1000A
  • 4A7V0060A1000A


  • TUE1A060A9241A
  • TUE1B080A9361A
  • TUE1B080A9361A
  • TUE1B080A9481A
  • TUE1B080A9481A
  • TUE1C100A9601A
  • TUD1B060A9H31B
  • TUD1C080A9H41B
  • TUD1C100A9H51B
  • TUD2B060A9V3VB
  • TUD2C080A9V4VB
  • TUD2C100A9V5VB
  • TUD2B060ACV32A
  • TUD2C100ACV52A

Air Handelers

  • GAF2A0A24S21SE
  • GAF2A0A36M31EC
  • TAM4A0B42S31SD
  • TAM4A0C60S51SD
  • TAM7A0B30H21EA
  • TAM7A0C42H31EA
  • TAM7A0C48H41EA
  • TAM7B0C60H51EA
  • TAM8C0C30V21EA
  • TAM8C0C36V31EA
  • TAM8C0C48V41EA
  • TAM8C0C60V51EA

Heatpump package


  • 4WCC4024A1000A
  • 4WCC4030A1000A
  • 4WCC4036A1000A
  • 4WCC4042A1000A
  • 4WCC4048A1000A
  • 4WCC4060A1000A


  • 4WCY5024A1000A
  • 4WCY5030A1000A
  • 4WCY5036A1000A
  • 4WCY5042A1000A
  • 4WCY5048A1000A
  • 4WCY5060A1000A


  • 4WCZ6036B1000B
  • 4WCZ6048B1000B
  • 4WCZ6060B1000B

Gas Electric Package

  • 4YCC4024A1060A
  • 4YCC4030A1070A
  • 4YCC4036A1070A
  • 4YCC4036A1090A
  • 4YCC4042A1090A
  • 4YCC4048A1070A
  • 4YCC4048A1090A
  • 4YCC4060A1090A
  • 4YCC4060A1115A


  • 4YCY5024C1060A
  • 4YCY5030C1070A
  • 4YCY5036C1070A
  • 4YCY5036C1090A
  • 4YCY5042C1090A
  • 4YCY5048C1090A
  • 4YCY5060C1115A


  • 4YCZ6036C1070A
  • 4YCZ6048C1090A
  • 4YCZ6060C1115A

Ingersoll Rand manufactures Trane Brand and American Standard Heating and Air Conditioners at their facility in Kenny Texas.

Financial Disclosure: Payments quoted on this page are based on Wells Fargo Cooperative American Standard Programs. Rates are subject to change without notice. Consumers can take advantage of FAA’s rebate or the reduced interest rate.

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