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Your New Amana Heating and Cooling System

AC-Amana-logoAre you considering the replacement of your old Heating and Air Conditioning units? Amana may be the best brand for you. In the last 3 years Amana has set the bar for quality manufactured systems. Their product line is second to none in technology and reliability. Now with their release of the new life time warranty programs on select units, savvy homeowners are happy to consider this brand when investing in their heating and cooling systems. And when you see how competitively priced they are it doesn’t take much to tip the scales in their favor. That is why for 2017 We are proud to install Amana Heating and Air Conditioning units for our Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas Customers.

Special Financing on new HVAC equipment

This year FAA has negotiated the biggest discounts ever offered on any top quality brand sold in the valley. This means you can buy a new Amana system and have it installed for about $99 per month. Or, take advantage or instant Amana rebates. These means you could take as much as $600 additional off on select systems. This is in addition to the $3500 FAA instant rebate makes this one of the most affordable and top quality brands on the market.

High Efficient Amana Equipment Installation

Are you nursing along that old air conditioner? Is it requiring more and more repairs each year? Maybe you think you are just save money by keeping that old unit up and running. Consider this. The new air conditioning systems in Southern Nevada are all 14 SEER or higher. Depending on the age of your HVAC system, this could be double the efficiency of your current system. That means that most of us will save money on power bills by installing even the a base model unit.
16 SEER Amana systems come in two styles. The first is a single stage compress much the same as the 14 SEER counterpart. The single stage 16 offers a lot of efficiency to your home and for only a fraction more ($600 to $900) We think it is an intelligent consideration if you are replacing your system anyway.
The 16 SEER two stage units have an identical efficiency as the 16 sing faze but it offers a low gear for those times when your air conditioner does not need the added cooling. On mild temperature days you could use your AC and effectively cool off your home and save money while you are at it. Additionally, this system can make a valuable addition if you have a very high efficient insulated home. These system tend to cost more $1500 to $2500 more than the standard 14.
Choosing the right 16 SEER unit is really up to you. Both are backed by Amana’s lifetime compressor warranty. So when you are trying to decide the best one to upgrade to, keep this in mind. If your home is so well insulated that your AC doesn’t kick on very often you might get the benefit from a 2 stage system. Since it is typically very hot in Vegas or not hot at all then it might be tough to justify the added expense of a 2 stage compressor.

Amana’s Inverter 20 SEER systems

It’s is no secret that a top of the line 20 SEER AC and heating system is going to cost you a few dollars more than standard systems. If all you are looking for is monthly utility savings on your next install you are missing the boat. Yes there is a significant savings in utility cost with a 20 SEER system but there is so many other advantages to consider. At the top of that list is consistent comfort for your family.
Standard air conditioners turn on when the home gets to hot and shut off when the room temperature is brought back down. The inverter is entirely different. Once it brings your home to temperature it dials back the power but may not ever shut off for months on end. So if you like your home at 75 degrees, it will never climb to 75.1 or drop to 74.9. Additionally it allows you to set the amount of humidity you want in your home. These 20 SEER units are a marvel of science. Never before has your home’s consistent been as easy as setting your preferences on a thermostat.

A Proper Installation for Every Home Guaranteed!

If we look at 10 air conditioners in a day it would be safe to say that 8 of them are not like they should be. Of those 8, 4 are so bad they are costing the homeowner higher utility bills. Not to mention they are robbing the customer of true comfort throughout their home. Many of those are systems that were installed by the builder.
The first problem that we see is the assumption the same floorplan needs to have the same duct work set up. We might submit that when you are designing a ventilation system for a home it is important to consider the way the home faces and the heat loads created on certain rooms.
Other times we find installs that were clearly not done right. Some of these are code violations and others are just bad math and geometry that is keeping your system from performing the way it should. With Fast Affordable Air you can rest assured that your Amana air conditioning install will be done by master craftsmen that know Clark County Building codes and proper install requirements recommended by the factory.

Amana’s Best Warranty Ever offered.

Amana offers a 10 year parts warranty on al there 14 SEER air conditioning systems. In addition to this they offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.
On there 16 to 20 SEER systems offers a lifetime compressor, lifetime heat exchanger, and 10 years on parts.
Couple Amana’s fantastic parts warranties with FAA’s 3 year labor warranty and you can sleep easy know you are covered. If you want to extend your labor warranty, we can offer you a 10 year labor warranty for less than $60 per year.


In 2017 We are installing the following Amana models

Air Conditioning Condensers

  • ANX140181A*
  • ANX140251B*
  • ANX140311A*
  • ANX140371A*
  • ANX140431A*
  • ANX140481A*
  • ANX140601A*
  • ASX14018
  • ASX14025
  • ASX14031
  • ASX14037
  • ASX14043
  • ASX14048
  • ASX14060

16 SEEER Single

  • ASX160241F*
  • ASX16031
  • ASX16037
  • ASX160421F*
  • ASX160481F*
  • ASX160601F*

16 SEER 2 stage

  • ASXC160241B*
  • ASXC160361B*
  • ASXC160481B*
  • ASXC160601B*

19 to 20 SEER

  • AVXC200241A*
  • AVXC200361A*
  • AVXC200481A*
  • AVXC200601A*


  • ANZ140181A*
  • ANZ140241A*
  • ANZ140301A*
  • ANZ140361A*
  • ANZ140421A*
  • ANZ140481A*
  • ANZ140601A*
  • ASZ14018

Furnace and Air Handler

  • AMS80403AX
  • AMS80403AX
  • AMS80403AX
  • AMS80403AX
  • AMS80604BX
  • AMS80604BX
  • AMS80805CX
  • AMEH800603BXA*
  • AMEH800805CXA*
  • AMEH800805CXA*
  • AMEH800805CXA*
  • AMEH800805CXA*
  • AMEH800805CXA*
  • AMVC80805CXB*
  • AMVC80604BXB*
  • AMVC80805CXB*
  • AMVC80805CXB*
  • AMVC81005CXB*
  • AMVC81005CXB*
  • Air Handler
  • ARUF25B14A*
  • ARUF25B14A*
  • ARUF29B14A*
  • ARUF37C14A*
  • ARUF43C14A*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • MBVC2000AA-1A*
  • MBVC2000AA-1A*
  • CHPF3636B6C*
  • CHPF3743C6B*
  • CHPF3743C6B*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF3642C6C*
  • CHPF3642C6C*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF3636B6C*
  • CHPF3642C6C*
  • CHPF4860D6D*
  • CHPF4860D6D*

Package unit heating and cooling

  • APG1424040M41
  • APG1430040M41
  • APG1430060M41
  • APG1436040M41
  • APG1436060M41
  • APG1442060M41
  • APG1448060M41
  • APG1448100M41
  • APG1461120M41
  • APG1624060M41
  • APG1630080M41
  • APG1636080M41
  • APG1642100M41
  • APG1648100M41
  • APG1660140M41
  • APH1424M41
  • APH1430M41
  • APH1436M41
  • APH1442M41
  • APH1448M41
  • APH1460M41
  • APH1624M41
  • APH1630M41
  • APH1636M41
  • APH1642M41
  • APH1648M41

Roof Top Package Unit Curbs for Amana

Trane Roof TopTrane roof top package unitSome roof top package units are just old. The duct work structure is far different than you will find with any brand you could install today. Other roof top duct will attach well to the new Amana AC. In either case, a curb is the best friend your air conditioner ever had.

Curbs create a very tight and uniform fit for your new air conditioner. It also takes the duct work out of the direct sunlight. This alone creates a higher level of efficiency. Couple that with the shorter and more direct push of cold air and the Duct Work Curb is a great investment.

op package unit? This depends widely on how your existing system was installed. If your unit is more than 20 years there is a higher probability that at a minimum a duct work modification will be required. Roof top curbs provide a perfect fit and ultra tight duct connection. They improve efficiency and air flow.

There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to “Down Shot Curbs”. Curbs will cost an additional $400 to $600. They also make the unit set up higher off the roof and possibly more visible from the front of the house.  If you are not sure if a down shot curb is right for your install contact Fast Affordable Air today to get a free in home estimate.


Daikin manufactures Goodman and Amana Brane Heating and Air Conditioning at the facility in Huston TX.

Financial Disclosure: Payments quoted on this page are based on Wells Fargo Cooperative Amana Programs. Rates are subject to change without notice. Consumers can take advantage of the rebate or the reduced interest rate.

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