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Need Goodman Air Conditioning Repair? Call 702-259-0990

Goodman Air Conditioning LogoHave you ever wished you can hit your Goodman Air Conditioner on the side like and old TV set and it would magically start working again? Unfortunately, hitting your AC, or even a swift kick, is not going to get you back in cold air. Luckily, your friends at Fast Affordable Air are here to help with fast service and great prices. Whether day or night, you can count on FAA to repair your Goodman Air Conditioning system right and bring comfort back to your home. So don’t spend even one minute longer in that hot house. Give us a call now.

Second Opinions are Free

Yes, you read that right. If you are looking at an expensive estimate to fix your Goodman, then we can help. We are happy to check out your complete system, thoroughly explain what is wrong, and offer you a fair price estimate to fix it.                                                                                             

Many customers have saved hundreds of dollars getting a second opinion. Sometimes, we find something entirely different wrong. Other times, we just offer a much better price for the repair. In either case, what do you have to lose? Contact us today for a Free second opinion.

Your AC fast and right today.

Goodman Air ConditioningEach of our service vehicles carries hundreds of replacement parts for Goodman systems. And, because we have been working on Goodman units for a very long time we know what to look for and how to fix it right the first time. When your house starts heating up, don’t waste another second. Let FAA restore comfort to your home.


We carry these and other parts to repair your Goodman Air Conditioner:

  • Compressor Capacitor
  • Fan Capacitor
  • 3 speed Indoor fan motor
  • Blower wheel
  • Inducer motor
  • Single contactor
  • Double contactor
  • Tranformer
  • Outdoor fan motor
  • Schrader valves/caps
  • Control boards
  • Condenser Fan blade
  • Pressure sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Defrost board King valves
  • Reversing valve
  • TXV Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Low voltage fuses
  • Compressors
  • Many more

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Satisfaction GuaranteedWe would love to promise you that every time we fix your Goodman AC it will work perfectly and for as long as you need it. You know that is not how real life goes. You also know that any HVAC Contractor that promises a perfect outcome is blowing sun shine in dark places. 

So here is what you can count on from FAA:

  1. We will fix the problem right or you don’t pay.
  2. We will be courteous and respectful of your home.
  3. If we fix it and it breaks again in the next 3 years, we will fix it again for free.
  4. We will never price gouge you or make you feel pressured in any way.

Want to Save money and extend the Life of that Goodman?

It is no secret that a system like yours needs a little TLC from time to time. If you take care of your AC, you can expect lower power bills and an extended life. Not to mention heading off the potential for expensive repairs. If you would like to save money both now and in the long run, have your Heating and AC tuned-up twice a year. This will insure that on those 110 degree days ahead, your AC will be there keeping your family cool and comfortable.

$20 for Service/Diagnostic Calls

At today’s fuel prices, charging just $20 for a service call is quite a bargain for a homeowner. While other AC companies are charging $90, we have stayed true to the principle that we want to earn your business. If we can explain the problem to your satisfaction, how we can repair it, and give you the best price to fix it, we done our job.  If you want help with your broken-down AC, give FAA a call. Your Goodman air conditioner will thank you for it.

Is your Goodman Under Warranty?

If your Goodman stops working in the first ten years, you should have a manufacturers warranty to cover any needed parts. Since we have been repairing Goodman for a very long time, we have a relationship that makes warranty part replacement coverage quick and easy.

What Makes FAA Right for You?

There are about 100 HVAC contractors in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas that can fix your AC. I’m guessing that most of them would do a good job for you. So, what makes FAA the right choice to handle your Goodman service and repairs? It is our commitment to be of service.

There is really no shortage of skilled HVAC techs in the valley. But most of the ones we interview have the wrong attitude to work for us.

Whether it is by character or by training received from another company, most of them are looking to get every dime they can out of the customer. That dog won’t hunt here in our neck of the woods. If you want to work for FAA, you have to “be of service”. Experience what working with great people that really care about their customers is like. Call Fast Affordable Air today.

Your Complete Comfort Guarantee

How would you like to have your cool, comfortable house restored and the added bonus of knowing what might be needed on your air conditioner in the future? That is just what we do and we don’t charge a dime extra for the added peace of mind.

Telling the future when it comes to your air conditioner is not a circus trick with taro cards, though that would be cool. It is a quick series of tests with meters and gages that provide the service professional and ultimately the homeowner with important data needed to know how well your system will perform in the hot months to come. Pretty useful, right? But wait, there’s more. We can give you written notes and keep these notes on file for future. Your Complete Comfort Evaluation can help you avoid costly and dreaded surprise repairs that only seem to happen when it is 111 degrees.