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Your air conditioner works hard in the Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas heat. Very hard! Most of the time, there is little to no warning when your AC unit quits working. Or is there?

You know that having your air conditioning system tuned up each year will increase the life of you unit and help improve efficiency. But what you may not know is that the technicians at FAA carry a crystal ball that is specifically for telling you about future air conditioning problems. Okay… It’s more of a crystal matrix gauge with electrical feeds and dials. But when it comes to diagnosing future air conditioning problems, this thing works just as good.

Let me explain. When we do an Air conditioning Tune Up, we check the refrigerant levels, fix any bad electrical connections, and remove debris that has found it‘s way inside. That is all include in the $20.  When that is all done we look for burnt connections, burnt wires, bad seals on the motors and leaks. That’s included too.  If all that looks good then we break out the crystal ball (matrix gauge) and test all the components individually. This is the most valuable part of any AC tune-up.

Air Conditioning Tune Ups Save You From Expensive Repair

AC-Tune-Up-Electrical-TestYou see, each component of your air conditioning unit has a normal operating range. This normal operating range is a measure of electricity it uses. When one of the components is operating outside of there design parameters it is symptomatic of a problem.

For instance, If your fan motor is designed to run at 1.7 amps but is pulling 2.3 amps then you know something is wrong. It might have dirty bearings, a bad electrical connection or it is simply it’s wearing out. If it is wearing out, does this mean that you need to replace it. Well, yes, but maybe not today. This will give you the chance to call around and get prices for that exact part and still get it replaced before the heat really kicks in.

Now follow me for just a second. Do you think it could cost you more for an emergency repair of a scheduled repair? Of course the repair that is not urgent is going to cost you less. Why? 1. You have the time to price shop. 2. You have the time to wait a few days since it is not that hot out yet. 3. If you do decide to wait to fix it and it does break you will be able to tell the service company over the phone what your problem is and get an immediate quote.

What’s Included in your home’s AC Tune UP 

• Inspect Refrigerant levels

• Inspect leads and connections

• Inspect wires for burns or damage

• Replace wires and connections as needed

• Inspect Gas lines for leaks

• Inspect Temperature differential Supply/Return

• Inspect disconnect for damage and weather tight

• Inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts

• Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring

• Inspect capacitors

• Inspect fan blade

• Inspect motors bearings and seals

• Inspect coils if accessible

• Run complete component by component amperage test.

A/C Tune ups makes your Air Conditioner last longer

AC-tuneup-tempature-differanceAC-Tune-UP-Preasure-Test Save & Exit Air conditioning systems that do not receive regular service tend to need complete replacement sooner. Here is why. As you probably know each for the components of your AC system work in conjunction with the others to produce that cool air coming out of your vents. Some components do the hard job of actually producing the cool air while other components support them. When one of these supporting components wears out, that may not mean that your air conditioner will quit working. But it will put a strain on other already hard working components. Why is this important to keep in mind? Consider this. Most of the components that work in a supporting role cost a fraction of what the major components do. Just to give it a number, a $100 to $300 repair could save you a future $1500 to $3000 repair.  

So why do we charge just $20 for a Tune-Up when other companies are charging 3 to 4 times that? There are a number of reasons actually.

1.) Our Ugly Trucks are paid for. We have no debt witch means we are in control of our expenses and subsequently our prices.

2.) We are not that busy in March and the first part of April. My team would rather stay busy than set home and watch the soaps

3.) We want to be the one you call. Now, next year and every year after. The way we see it, if we offer you quality service and a more than fare price, you will always contact us for your AC repair needs and you might even tell your friends too.


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